Why You Should Waterproof

Waterproofing protects your house from water damage caused by rain and moisture and is one of the most important things you can do as you endeavour to take care of your home. The question is thus not “Why you should waterproof your home”, but rather “Why not?!”

Waterproofing prolongs the life of your roof and walls, and can even add to the value of your home.

Why you should waterproof your roof

In the case of roofing, roofing tiles and materials are usually designed to be water-resistant and deflect water from a roof, but in some cases, the roofing must be waterproofed. There are many types of waterproofing systems, including tar, felt asphalt or liquid waterproofing.
There are many reasons why you should waterproof your house or do roof waterproofing.

Reasons to waterproof

Mold, mildew and bacteria grow in warm and moist places, like roofs and basements. People can be sensitive to mold and mildew and can become ill from the smallest exposure. Waterproofing your property can protect you and your family.

Floods and major rain falls can happen at any time and if you are not prepared, you could face water damage and/or property damage.

Most homes that are built today do not take into account the need for proper waterproofing and most builders are not professional waterproofers.
Your home’s foundation can settle and shift. This can happen due to changes in moisture levels in the soil around the foundations of your home, but can also be the result of poor planning by your builder or poor construction.

Moisture can cause a lot of water damage to your property. Moisture can cause cracks in foundations, and with time, these can lead to structural damage.

Structural property damage cause by moisture or water leaks can decrease the value of your property over time.
Water proofing or roof proofing is a permanent solution and prevents humidity.

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