Why Multi-Dex

Why Multi-Dex 2019-09-03T08:09:31+00:00

Thousands of Successfully Completed Projects

We have been in business since 1982, completing over 1.3 million square meters around the country. Multi-Dex has developed an extensive degree of expertise and service quality along the way.

We are the preferred waterproofing company for some of South Africa’s most recognised construction organisations.

10 Year Guarantee, Underwritten by Manufacturers

To assure quality control, all our work is carried out internally. We never outsource our work, no matter how small or remote the project is. All our systems come with a 10 year guarantee, which is underwritten from the manufacturer.

Our success is based on the rigorous internal training of our employees. All our projects are overseen by management and, on our request, manufactures perform internal audits on our project, so ensure objectivity.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Our systems are made from eco-friendly materials and installed using methods that have minimum environmental impact. The Multi-Dex system itself has a very high insulation value, which reduces heat transfer in both cold and warm weather. Creating a large reduction in your monthly energy costs.

The systems also largely negated weather and sun damage to roofs, leading to a significant drop in maintenance and replacements costs, as the building or home ages.

To get more information on how the Multi-Dex system can help you home or business, please contact us.