Waterproofing membranes: 5 things you should know

Commercial and residential waterproofing helps to prevent water damage and flooding in the case of heavy rain. With flash floods having occurred a few times in the past year, it’s wise to take precautions and install waterproofing membranes and keep your roof in weather-proof condition. Here are 5 things you should know about waterproofing membranes:

1. There are two types of membranes

In waterproofing, there are two types of membranes – liquid/applied membranes and membrane sheeting. Liquid membranes dry to create a closely bonded seal, while sheet-based membranes are placed between structural slabs and tiling. Each have their pros and experienced waterproofing professionals know which membrane type is best for your building.

2. Waterproofing membranes must be strong and flexible

Specialist PVC and composite waterproofing membranes are manufactured to provide strength and flexibility. Buildings shift, especially if built over clay foundations. A quality membrane will not tear or crack easily with this movement.

3. Membrane waterproofing must be joined well between sheets

It’s worth having waterproofing experts install your insulating membranes since joins between sheets need to be completely sealed to ensure your roof is completely weather proof.

4. Sun-exposed membranes must be UV-stable

If your membrane waterproofing will be exposed to the sun, it must be UV-stable so that exposure to UV rays over time will not degrade and weaken the membrane too quickly.

5. Insulation for high-rise and steel-based buildings needs extra flexibility

Buildings such as apartment buildings and buildings that contain a high ratio of steel need insulation that is especially flexible since these buildings shift significantly. Make sure your insulation providers use a membrane that is suitable for your building type.

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