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Retail Waterproofing and Insulation

Protect your building-value and reduce energy costs, while providing a comfortable buying environment for customers.

Multi-Dex is a market leader in commercial waterproofing and insulation systems.  We have completed projects on some of South Africa’s largest structures and for some of its biggest companies. Our technical teams are extensively trained and supervised, to ensure there are no faults during the installation process.

Our waterproofing and insulation system is engineered to drastically reduce heat transfer. This keeps structures naturally cooler in summers and warmers during winters. About 5-10°C difference, actually.  This helps offset your carbon footprint and reduce the weather damage to your retail building.

We offer a 10 year guarantee, with a three year maintenance option on all our work. Which will increase the value of your property

How the Multi-dex Insulated System benefits your business:

  • One of the South Africa’s most trusted commercial insulation systems.
  • Engineered to keep out 100% of water and sound.
  • Insulation-value effectively reduces the flow of heat through the roof (responsible for large majority of heat transfer).
  • Maintain your building value by negating weather and sun damage.
  • Only eco-friendly materials used.

Fitted to Your Roof Type

To learn more about the installation process and why our system is so effective, select your building’s roof type below. Or just contact us now, for a free onsite inspection.

Flat Concrete


Flat Metal

Flat Metal

Inverted Roofs