Industrial Waterproofing and Insulation

Industrial buildings, including factories and warehouses, contain a lot of valuable equipment and merchandise – and almost nothing causes worse damage to these than a major leak.

Is your building ready for the rains?

With the rainy season approaching in many South African provinces, where rainy weather often peaks in December when factories are closed or short-staffed, a roof leak can spell disaster at a time when few hands are on deck to clean up the mess.

Fortunately, there’s a way of preventing this kind of situation altogether: effective industrial waterproofing and insulation that will maintain the value on your building, reduce your carbon footprint as it reduces heat flow through your roof while also keeping out the rain.

Don’t underestimate water damage

When it comes to equipment and merchandise damage, a major leak is one of the worst things that could happen to your building. In fact, only a fire could cost you more.

From submerged machinery that rusts or needs major repairs to newly-made products that are rendered unsaleable due to water damage, the cost of a serious leak could run into hundreds of thousands or even millions of Rand.

Considering the expense and inconvenience, it makes good sense to have your roof inspected.

It’s a big job – but we’re ready forĀ it

Compared to a small residential roof, the area above a major warehouse or factory is a big place to inspect.

The bigger the area, the more places there are for holes and other roof damage to occur – and that’s why a proper annual inspection is absolutely crucial.

By inspecting every inch of your building’s roof and sides, and checking the inside for damage to roof rafters and insulating material, we will ensure that new leaks are identified and old ones repaired for good – before the rains begin.

If you’d like to schedule a rood inspection and quotation, contact us today. The sooner you act; the more peace of mind you’ll have this rainy season.


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