How to choose a waterproofing contractor

Proper waterproofing can make the difference between hassle-free living and a house that’s on the verge of flooding.

The rainy season brings its share of headaches to homeowners, especially those who live in houses with flat or pitched roofs. Leaks and water accumulation (those pools of water you sometimes see through a window looking onto a flat roof) can result in ceiling collapse, electrical problems and cracked slabs – that’s why it’s so important to choose the right waterproofing contractor.

What to look for in your dream waterproofing contractor

With the number of contractors out there – each one promising to give you the best service at the best price – how do you spot a true professional? There are a few things that excellent waterproofing specialists have in common.


Waterproofing isn’t a small job, and for many homeowners it’s a major investment in their home. A good waterproofing job has huge benefits, but you need to know that your contractor will stand by their work.

Professional and reputable waterproofing contractors guarantee their work for several years – make sure that the contractor you choose does the same.

Certification and accreditation

Would you go to a doctor who doesn’t have a medical degree? Most people would say no, and the same applies to contractors who aren’t accredited. Your waterproofing company should be registered with one or more of the following organisations:

  • The Master Builders Association
  • Professional Waterproofing Association
  • Waterproofing Federation of South Africa

Excellent referrals from real people

Anyone can write a letter and put a name at the bottom, and if you’re relying on the so-called recommendation of Mrs Viljoen, Mr Smith or Advocate Mazibuko, you’d better be able to contact them and find out about their experience with the contractor you are considering.

If a waterproofing company doesn’t provide referrals or won’t reveal their previous customers’ contact details, check the internet for reviews. You’ll soon know if you’re dealing with a reputable contractor.

Deal with a reliable contractor and save yourself future hassles.

Nobody likes waking up to a ruined ceiling or flooded room – and by choosing a good contractor, you’ll avoid a whole lot of headaches.

Accredited by the Professional Waterproofing Association, the Master Builders Association and the WFSA, Multidex offers clients a comprehensive waterproofing solution, backed by solid guarantees and a list of satisfied clients.

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