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The National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act requires all roofs to be constructed safely and in such a way that they cannot be damaged by wind or water. This necessitates waterproofing of flat metal roofs.

SANS 10400 Building Regulations require that schools, churches, shops, offices, hostels, and domestic residences be effectively waterproofed to resist the penetration of rain. No water should be able to run down the inside of walls from ceiling to floor. Flat metal roof waterproofing offered by Multi-Dex adheres to all SANS 10400 building regulations.

What Types of Flat Metal Roofs do we Waterproof?

We offer flat metal roof waterproofing across a range of industries and sectors:

  • Commercial flat metal roof waterproofing offered by Multi-Dex is methodically done, ensuring optimal efficacy for your building. All projects carry a 10-year guarantee and a 3-yearly maintenance option, or a 15-year guarantee with a 5-yearly maintenance option.
  • Retail flat metal roof waterproofing, when undertaken by Multi-Dex, sees the same methodical approach. Our decades of experience ensures that only skilled, experienced employees are used, and all projects are managed hands-on. All installations come with a 10-year guarantee, and a 3-year maintenance option.
  • Industrial flat metal roof waterproofing is offered by Multi-Dex. We offer a 10-year guarantee, with a 3-yearly maintenance option. Or a 15-year guarantee with a 5-yearly maintenance option.
  • Residential Flat metal waterproofing

What makes Multi-Dex’s Flat Metal Roof Waterproofing Offering Different?

All our flat metal roof waterproofing projects carry a 10-year guarantee and a 3-yearly maintenance option, or a 15-year guarantee with a 5-yearly maintenance option. In addition, the flat metal roof waterproofing offered by Multi-Dex adheres to all building regulations stipulated in SANS 10400. Lastly, our flat roof waterproofing system includes insulation as well.

What Does Waterproofing a Flat Metal Roof Entail?

Flat metal roof waterproofing by Multi-Dex is a seamless process. Our strict, methodical installation process for flat metal roofs ensures the Multi-Dex system is as effective as possible for your building.

Step 1: Boarding

  • Flat metal roof is cleaned and prepared for the waterproofing process
  • We supply and fit a 25 mm insulation 16 DV (Density Volume) Multi-Board to the existing roof.
  • We then supply and fit a 3,2 mm support board onto the insulation panels. This is fastened into the existing metal sheeting using 75 mm fasteners and our exclusive polycarbonate washer system designed exclusively for this system.
  • Multi-board features:
    • Made from 16 DV (Density Volume) polystyrene board.
    • Class B1 fire retardant material (DIN4102 tested).
    • Offers a 10°C differential in ambient temperature
    • 100% sound insulation from weather-noise.

Step 2: Flashing

  • Next, the gutter overhang is cut back and we fit a 90-degree metal flashing. In doing so we eliminate the issue of backflow of water onto the woodwork behind the gutter.

Step 3: Torch on

  • Using a fusion/gas weld application method, we torch-on the Multi-Dex approved 4 mm waterproofing torch-on system (Derbigum or Derbit), with 75 mm overlaps and 100 mm cross-laps as per specification.
  • The flat metal roof waterproofing system is then cut, dressed and sealed into outlets.
  • Multi-dex approved 4mm Membrane features:
    • The 4 mm membrane used during flat metal roof waterproofing consists of a high-performance synthetic fibre which is dual-reinforced (polyester and glass). It is also Polymer modified-bitumen coated. The membrane is resistant against UV degradation and heat shock, and is the only fire-rated torch-on system in South Africa.

Step 4: Sealing off

  • We seal off the system by torching-on the 4 mm waterproofing system onto the parapet walls, 75 mm cross laps and gutter junctions.

Step 5: Flat Metal Roof Coating

A specialised modified bituminous aluminium coat is applied, ensuring UV stability and longevity. This specialised coating offers several advantages to conventional aluminium paint.

Some of Our Flat Metal Roof Clients

Some of our clients for flat metal roof waterproofing include ABSA, Shoprite Checkers, Eskom, Citiprop, and more. If top corporates entrust their flat metal roof waterproofing to Multi-Dex, why shouldn’t you!