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A roof that is nearly level or slightly pitched is called a low slope or low pitched roof. No roof should be dead level flat; it must have at least a slight slope to drain.

Professionally done low pitched roof waterproofing is a must, for various reasons. For one, leaks and flooding cause mould, which in itself is a health hazard. Repeated leaks may result in structural damage of your house or building, and this results in a loss in property value. If you notice wet spots on your ceiling after a major storm, there’s a good chance that your home already has a leak and needs serious attention.

According to the South African National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act, all roofs should be constructed so as to prevent damage from the elements, including wind and water. For this reason, low pitched roof waterproofing is essential.

What Types of Low Pitched Roofs do we Waterproof?

We offer low pitched roof waterproofing across a range of industries and sectors:

  • Commercial low pitched roof waterproofing
  • Retail low pitched roof waterproofing
  • Industrial low pitched roof waterproofing
  • Residential low pitched roof waterproofing

What Makes Multi-Dex’s Low Pitched Roof Waterproofing Offering Different?

There are several reasons why Multi-Dex is the applicator of choice for low pitched roof waterproofing. For one, we offer a 10-or-15-year guarantee with a 3-or-5-year maintenance option respectively.

We only used trained installers. We do not employ subcontractors as we have permanent highly trained staff who are professional in their work ethic and diligent in providing our clients with a project that is done correctly the first time round. We never compromise on quality, approved products and we’re here to offer your home or business top quality low slope metal roof waterproofing.

Time and again, the finished product is 100% waterproof. The life expectancy of our projects is in excess of 35 years. Multi-Dex is a proud member of both the Master Builders Association and the Waterproofing Federation of South Africa. We uphold our credibility and good name in the industry, with every project we undertake!

Entrust Multi-Dex with waterproofing your low pitched roof.

What Does Waterproofing Your Low Pitched Roof Entail?

We’re systematic in our approach to waterproofing low pitched roofs. The Multi-Dex system is a reliable way of ensuring full waterproofing.

Step 1:

  • 25 mm thick Multi-board is placed over the low pitched roof. The Multi-board is made of moulded polystyrene and offers insulation and sound proofing.

Step 2:

  • A 3,2 mm support board is laid over the Multi-board panel, offering extra strength and solid support for the next layer, being the waterproofing membrane.

Step 3:

  • The layers are fastened to the existing substrate using 75 mm fasteners and our exclusive washer system, designed for the Multi-Dex System.

Step 4:

  • The overhang of metal roof sheeting is cut back at the gutter end, to facilitate the fitting of metal flashing at the gutter junction. This step is important in sealing the gutter junction to eliminate the back flow of water into the structure’s woodwork behind the gutter.

Step 5:

  • A 4 mm, dual-reinforced Torch-On waterproofing membrane (Derbigum) is gas-welded onto the support board. (75 mm overlaps and 100 mm end-laps).

Step 6:

  • he entire parapet wall is covered using the 4 mm, dual-reinforced Torch-On waterproofing membrane (Derbigum).

Step 7:

  • A specialised modified bituminous aluminium coat is applied, ensuring UV stability and longevity. This specialised coating offers several advantages to conventional aluminium paint.

What Our Clients Say

“The new low pitched roof waterproofing you installed over our babies’ nursery has bought peace of mind to all of us here at TLC. Not having to worry about a leaky roof every time we have rain is such a great relief! Thank you Multi-Dex!” – Pippa Jarvis, MD, The Love of Christ Children’s Home