Inverted Roofs Waterproofing Specialists

Inverted Roofs Waterproofing Specialists 2019-09-11T09:07:25+00:00

Our professionally tested process for installing on inverted roofs ensures the Multi-dex system is as effective as possible for your home.

For more information on this or a free on-site inspection, feel free to contact us.

Step 1: Waterproofing (New or Servicing)

  • Evaluate the existing waterproofing: If needed, we strip and remove existing waterproofing and prepare are for new waterproofing.
  • Supply and fit new waterproofing as per specification.

Step 2: Maintenance

  • Check and secure all joints and cross laps.
  • Mechanically repair, where necessary.

Step 3: Insulation

  • Supply and fit 40mm insulation panel 36dv to existing waterproofing.
  • Supply and fit 19mm washed crusher stone 19mm thick (or equivalent, depending on clients choice of stone).