Concrete Roof Waterproofing Specialists

Concrete Roof Waterproofing Specialists 2019-09-11T08:34:57+00:00

Concrete roofs are usually flat and have a notorious reputation for leaking. The fact is that these roofs will leak if not waterproofed effectively, early on in construction. This also allows for internal finishes to be undertaken.

What Types of Concrete Roofs do we Waterproof?

We offer concrete roof waterproofing across a range of industries and sectors:

  • Commercial concrete roof waterproofing by Multi-Dex is par for the course. Our extensive guarantee options offer businesses peace of mind, and the 3-year maintenance option takes the headache out of upkeep.
  • Retail concrete roof waterproofing is essential. Multi-Dex has completed projects for some of the largest complexes in South Africa. To ensure a seamless process, our installers are extensively trained and owner-supervised.
  • Industrial concrete roof waterproofing with Multi-Dex is the key to reducing your building’s carbon footprint and minimising structure depreciation. Experience spanning close on four decades means the Multi-Dex team can offer you a seamless process with a 10-year guarantee and a 3-year maintenance option.
  • Houses with concrete roofs

What makes Multi-Dex’s Concrete Roof Waterproofing Offering Different?

Concrete roof waterproofing done by Multi-Dex adheres to all SANS 10400 regulations, using only the finest materials available, and never compromisng on quality. In addition, Multi-Dex are concrete roof waterproofing specialists and market leaders in this segment. Lastly, our concrete roof waterproofing system includes insulation as well.

What Does Waterproofing a Concrete Roof Entail?

Our strict, methodical installation process for installing waterproofing on flat concrete, ensures the Multi-Dex system is as effective as possible for your building.

Step 1: Concrete Roof Waterproofing Preparation

  • Rip and remove any old waterproofing, where necessary.
  • Clean and prepare the roof for Multi-dex waterproofing.

Step 2: Concrete Roof Priming

  • Apply a coat of Bitu-Primer (acrylic based bituminous primer) to the concrete slab. The solvent-based bitumen primer (Bitu-Primer) is applied to the concrete slab to facilitate the correct adhesion between substrate and the Derbigum/Derbit waterproofing material.

Step 3: Concrete Roof Waterproofing Torch on Method

  • Using a fusion/gas weld application method, we torch on the Multi-Dex approved 4mm waterproofing torch-on system (Derbigum/Derbit), with 75mm overlaps and 100mm cross-laps as per specification.
  • Multi-Dex Approved 4mm Membrane Features:
    • High-performance synthetic fibre dual-reinforced (polyester and glass).
    • Polymer modified-bitumens coated.
    • UV degradation and heat shock resistant, for extreme durability.
    • Only fire rated torch-on system in the industry.
  • The waterproofing system is then cut, dressed and sealed into outlets. When waterproofing a concrete roof, a waterproof membrane is fitted over the concrete surface to seal it. This is done for all concrete roof waterproofing undertaken by Multi-Dex.

Step 4: Concrete Roof Overcoat

  • Lastly, we apply a specially formulated acrylic aluminium coat to the entire system. Maximising UV  stabilization and ensuring longevity. This specialised aluminium coating offers several advantages over the conventional aluminium paint