Flat Metal Roof Insulation Specialists

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Flat metal roof insulation is important; and of particular benefit to companies who are pushing to go greener, reducing their ‘carbon footprint’. Not only is an eco-friendly business a selling point with clients having a similar mind-set; proper flat metal roof insulation increases energy efficiency. As an explanation: energy used to heat or cool a space can ‘escape’ if insulation is sub-standard. This means it will take more energy to heat or cool that space than if it were effectively insulated. Airtight insulation is therefore a vital step in reducing your company’s carbon footprint. (You also save on your electricity bill!)

Well installed flat metal roof insulation regulates the temperature of both commercial and residential buildings naturally, so there is less need for cooling or heating technology. In commercial buildings, HVAC systems consume a considerable amount of power, thereby raising that carbon footprint.

The investment in thorough flat metal roof insulation by a credible installer like Multi-Dex, will see your business or home relying far less on heating, ventilation and cooling systems; keeping the interior warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Our strict, methodical installation process for flat metal roof insulation ensures the Multi-Dex system is as effective as possible for your home, shop, office building or warehouse.

What Types of Flat Metal Roofs do we Insulate?

  • Commercial flat metal roof insulation
  • Industrial flat metal roof insulation
  • Retail flat metal roof insulation
  • Residential flat metal roof insulation

What makes Multi-Dex’s Flat Metal Roof Insulation Offering Different?

Multi-Dex is one of South Africa’s most trusted commercial flat metal roof insulation specialists. The Multi-Dex system is engineered to keep 100% of water and sound out, and reduces the flow of heat through the roof, which is responsible for most of the heat transfer taking place. It maintains your building value by obviating weather and sun damage, and we use a green system where only eco-friendly materials are used.

In addition, we offer a 10-or-15-year guarantee with a 3-or-5-year maintenance option respectively, and a life expectancy of over 40 years.

Clients include RMB Properties, JHI, Post Office, Telkom. If listed companies entrust their flat metal roof insulation to Multi-Dex, why shouldn’t you!