Low Pitched Roof Insulation Specialists

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There are several reasons why you should consider low pitched roof insulation, whether for a residential, commercial, industrial or retail building.

Firstly, proper roof insulation increases energy efficiency. If insulation on your building is sub-standard, the energy used to heat or cool a space can ‘leak’. This means that more energy is consumed to heat or cool the space than if it were properly insulated. Installing airtight insulation is the first step to reducing your carbon footprint.

Secondly, low pitched roof insulation and waterproofing help preserve a building structure. Wooden beams and other materials that have degraded due to water damage, increase your carbon footprint significantly. The energy used to manufacture materials as well as the energy used during installation makes replacement a far more wasteful option than simply putting in place measures to ensure that your building structures stand the test of time.

Thirdly, effective roof insulation passively sustains comfortable temperatures. Good insulation regulates the temperature of commercial and residential buildings naturally so that there is less need for heating or cooling technology. HVAC systems consume a substantial amount of power and raise your carbon footprint.

A considerable saving on costs is made, when insulation is effectively undertaken. Your home or business will use less electricity, saving you money.

What Types of Low Pitched Roofs do we Insulate?

We offer insulation across a range of low pitched roofs:

  • Commercial low pitched roof insulation
  • Industrial low pitched roof insulation
  • Retail low pitched roof insulation
  • Residential low pitched roof insulation

What makes Multi-Dex’s Low Pitched Roof Insulation Offering Different?

Multi-Dex has been in business for over 25 years and offers a 10-or-15-year guarantee with a 3-or-5-year maintenance option respectively and a life expectancy in excess of 35 years.

Our system will offer a 100% noise reduction in weather-related noise (rain and hail). You will enjoy a guaranteed insulation value, resulting in 5-10 °C lower temperature in summer, and heat will be maintained more effectively (using less energy) in winter. Save money on your heating, cooling and ventilation bills.

In addition to being insulated, your low pitched roof will also be 100% waterproof.

What Our Clients Say

“Thank you for kindly assisting us in repairing and sealing our low pitched school roofing, which has been a huge problem for a long time now. Thank you for making our school a safe and maintained place!” – E Lahoud, Principal, Casa Do Sol School