Concrete Roof Insulation Specialists

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By insulating a building, one can reduce heat loss in colder weather, and reduce heat surplus in warmer weather. This would save energy, save cost and increase comfort. Ultimately, Insulation contributes significantly to reducing a home or company’s carbon footprint.

What Types of Concrete Roofs do we Insulate?

  • Commercial concrete roof insulation: Commercial concrete roof insulation with Multi-Dex is a no-brainer for companies wanting to ‘go greener’. As South Africa’s preferred brand in roof insulation and waterproofing, we’ve carried out tens-of-thousands of contracts for some of South Africa’s most renowned companies, including Shoprite Checkers, RMB Properties, Tsogo Sun, and SAB, to name a few.
  • Retail concrete roof insulation: Retail concrete roof insulation creates a workspace with greater comfort for employees, and may reduce the need to install sophisticated heating and cooling devices that could consume even more precious electricity.
  • Industrial concrete roof insulation
  • Residential concrete roof insulation: Residential concrete roof insulation using Multi-Dex saves electricity, increases comfort and adds value to the property.

What makes Multi-Dex’s Concrete Roof Insulation Offering Different?

Multi-Dex is a unique, insulated roofing system. Using superior materials and advanced application methods, our system has a proven track record for insulation, sound proofing and waterproofing.

When it comes to concrete roof insulation, the Multi-Dex system ticks all the eco-friendly blocks. Multi-Dex concrete roof insulation is applied to a multitude of settings.

Using the Multi-Dex system, industrial concrete roof insulation is an eco-friendly solution, backed by a 15-year guarantee with a 3-year maintenance plan
Further to the above, the added benefit of concrete roof insulation is the fact that waterproofing is par for the course.

Derbit SPFR – 15-year guarantee with 5-yearly service intervals. This is the only fire rated torch-on system in the industry.

Having done waterproofing and insulation since 1994, Multi-Dex are the concrete roof insulation and waterproofing specialists. We only use the finest materials available, and never compromise on quality.