Flat Roof Insulation Specialists

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Did you know that up to 25% of heat can be lost through its roof? A well-insulated flat roof can make all the difference. Good roof insulation and waterproofing ensures a tight, weather-proof seal, and improves your home, business or factory’s insulation.

Effective insulation of flat roofs results in less energy being needed to heat a properly-insulated space. All in all, professional flat roof insulation and waterproofing promote optimal operating conditions. Ultimately, well-maintained insulation and waterproofing uphold property value, protecting your valuable assets.

In commercial settings, HVAC systems consume a substantial amount of power and raise your carbon footprint. Good insulation regulates temperature naturally, so there is less need for heating or cooling technology.

Professional flat roof insulation and waterproofing are vital, and it’s important to have your flat roof checked every year. Water can seep through slabs that are badly insulated and cause serious structural damage over time; putting your safety at risk if large cracks develop.

Benefits of an insulated roof:

  • Help you save thousands on your electricity bill
  • Regulate the temperature in your building
  • Insulation contributes significantly to reducing a home or company’s carbon footprint

What Types of Flat Roofs do we Insulate?

We offer insulation for any type of flat roof:

  • Concrete Roof Insulation
  • Flat Metal Roof Insulation
  • Inverted Roof Insulation
  • Low Pitched Roof Insulation

What Makes Multi-Dex’s Roof Insulation Offering Different?

Multi-Dex offers a 10-year guarantee on all flat roof insulations. In addition, our insulation offering includes waterproofing too.

The Insulation Material used by Multi-Dex:

Multi-Board is made of 16 DV polystyrene. It is DIN4102-tested, Class B1 fire-retardant material, offering optimal safety. It offers a 10°C differential in ambient temperature, and 100% sound insulation from weather-related noise.

Membrane Material used by Multi-Dex:

Only Derbigum or Derbit membranes are used. These are high-performance synthetic fibre dual-reinforced (polyester and glass) membranes which are polymer modified-bitumen coated. These membranes are the only fire-rated torch-on systems in the industry. They are UV degradation resistant, and heat shock resistant for super-durability.

Multi-Dex is a member of the Professional Waterproofing Association, Master Builders Association North and Waterproofing Federation of South Africa.