Commercial Waterproofing for flat and metal roofs

Multidex offers commercial waterproofing, a roofing treatment designed to save you costs and protect your roof. Waterproofing has many benefits, but is mainly used to keep a building dry and insulated.

As an added benefit, waterproofing serves a dual role, keeping the building cooler in summer, and warmer in winter. Commercial Waterproofing also saves costs in the long run, and creates a friendlier environment to work and stay in.

Various roofing types require different application techniques due to the material they are made out of and the slant of the roof.

Flat roof waterproofing

Flat roofs are in general more prone to leaks, and need to be maintained more carefully. If you are concerned about existing leaks, look for discolourations in the roofing. Discoloured patches don’t always appear at the exact spot of the leak. It is best to inspect the whole roof, as water may run, and cause a stain away from the leak. If you suspect a leak is already present, a waterproofing membrane can be used to seal the spot before waterproofing the roof on top of the structural slab.

Metal roof waterproofing

Selecting the correct waterproof materials to use for metal roof waterproofing is extremely important. Ideally, waterproofing on a metal roof should be done directly after installation, minimizing the roof’s exposure to air and natural elements that can cause damage.

The metal should be clean, insulation should be applied and a support board needs to be fitted on the insulation panels to offer the best commercial waterproofing result. This is where the Multi-Dex system’s methodical process comes in very handy, ensuring a perfectly sealed and waterproofed roof.
Overall, waterproofing should be done meticulously, by experienced professionals with proven waterproofing material. This will give you the longest lasting solution, and save you cost for years to come.

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