Commercial Waterproofing

5 reasons for waterproofing your factory before next winter

Waterproofing industrial property ensures that equipment is kept safe from water damage. Good insulation also improves energy efficiency, especially in temperature-controlled environments. Here are 5 reasons to guarantee watertight weather protection before next winter: 1. Leaks and flooding cause mould If your factory’s roof has a leak or your factory is flooded, mould can grow [...]

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Commercial Waterproofing for flat and metal roofs

Multidex offers commercial waterproofing, a roofing treatment designed to save you costs and protect your roof. Waterproofing has many benefits, but is mainly used to keep a building dry and insulated. As an added benefit, waterproofing serves a dual role, keeping the building cooler in summer, and warmer in winter. Commercial Waterproofing also saves costs [...]

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