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Multi-Dex is passionate about its business. We are proud to be members of a number of industry related boards and associations that hold service excellence and product quality as their mandates.

Professional Waterproofing Association

PWA_logo_02 Established in 2009, to promote, support, protect and to pursue the common interest of clients. As well as specifying, authorities for waterproofing materials and methods.

Master Builders Association North

MBA-North-LogoMaster Builders Association North is a Federation of registered employers’ organisations which represent contractors and employers operating in the building and construction sectors. The Association is regulated in terms of Section 107 of the Labour Relations Act, Act 66 of 1995.

Waterproofing Federation of South Africa

Supports open competition and the free enterprise system. Indeed, this competitive environment has led to the success of its member firms.

WFSA members recognize that the perpetuation of such a healthy business environment is greatly influenced by their own professional conduct.