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First established in 1982, Multi-Dex is South Africa’s industry leaders in insulated waterproofing systems for concrete slab, flat and low pitched metal roof structures. we have built our business on the principles of quality, durability and service excellence.

We are one of the founding members of the Professional Waterproofing Association (PWASA), and members of the Waterproofing Federation of South Africa, and also a proud member of Master Builders Association North.

South Africa’s Preferred Waterproofing System

We are the sole suppliers of the Multi-Dex system, a unique insulated roofing system. Using superior materials and advanced application methods, our system has a proven track record for insulation, sound proofing and waterproofing.

As South Africa’s preferred brand in waterproofing and roof insulation, we’ve carried out tens-of-thousands of contracts for some of SA’s most recognised companies, such as: Shoprite Checkers, RMB Properties, Tsogo Sun, and SAB, among many others.

Our Specialised Teams Install Effortlessly and Professionally

The size and expertise of our organisation lets us to give great service to businesses, homes and even industrial buildings.  Our employees are extensively trained and supervised, to match our performance standards. From liquid systems to poly-card replacement, we have extensive expertise in all of it.

We also follow strict health and safety regulations, to insure the safety of our staff and your our clients.

Reducing Costs Through Sustainability

As environmentally focused company that uses specialised materials in our products, our systems have the ability to reduce the overall carbon footprint and add to  your building’s energy savings.

For a free on-site inspection, or to just to engage on how our service can benefit your property, please contact us.