5 reasons for waterproofing your factory before next winter

Waterproofing industrial property ensures that equipment is kept safe from water damage. Good insulation also improves energy efficiency, especially in temperature-controlled environments. Here are 5 reasons to guarantee watertight weather protection before next winter:

1. Leaks and flooding cause mould

If your factory’s roof has a leak or your factory is flooded, mould can grow and pose a health hazard. This is especially important in food manufacturing where sanitary conditions are crucial. Keep environments dry and sanitary by ensuring your waterproofing is well maintained.

2. Bad waterproofing leads to structural damage

If water permeates your factory’s uppermost roofing layer, it can accumulate and cause structural damage. This in turn can cause a previously strong roof to cave given time, so it’s best to make sure that your roof is properly insulated.

3. Leaks destroy wooden structures

If your factory’s structure includes wooden materials such as beams, leaks could cause wood to rot, leading to serious structural problems. This also poses a further health hazard as mould and mildew flourish in these conditions.

4. Good waterproofing ensures better insulation

Good waterproofing that ensures a tight, weather-proof seal improves your factory’s insulation. In temperature-controlled environments, less energy is consumed to heat a properly-insulated space. In general, proper waterproofing helps to preserve optimal operating conditions.

5. Well-maintained waterproofing upholds property value

If you own rather than lease factory space, keeping your waterproofing maintained will ensure that if you should ever wish to sell your property will have a better resale value. Well-maintained property will find a new commercial tenant easier.

If you’d like a free on-site inspection of your waterproofing by one of our highly knowledgeable employees, contact Multi-Dex today.

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